Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Concussive Syndrome

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A brain injury changes your life in so many ways….
Your lawyer had better be up to the challenge of proving them.


Of all of the injuries that people can suffer, long-term brain injuries are perhaps the most terrifying — and the most demanding to prove in court.  Devon Munro has represented numerous clients who have encountered traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s) and post-concussive disorders.  He understands the difficult challenges that people suffering a TBI face in just getting them diagnosed, let alone treating them, and then living with the various symptoms that they inflict.

Because injuries to the brain are not something people can “see” (even on advanced radiological images), they bring a unique burden to prove both that they exist and to prove their cause.  We work with medical experts in specialties such as neurology, physical rehabilitation, and radiology to develop that evidence, and to communicate the true hell of living with a TBI.

Just as important in these cases is the skillful presentation of the effects of a TBI.  A traumatic brain injury disrupts an injured person’s life all the time, in infinite ways, large and small.  TBI’s are serious injuries, but the medical treatments for them do not always appear dramatic compared to other kinds of acute trauma.  Sometimes, the treatments are just rest and therapy, rather than surgery.  Sometimes, there are no effective treatments at all.  This risks the illusion that there is nothing “wrong.”


How do you explain to seven strangers on a jury what it is really like living with a brain injury?


People who have not lived through them do not understand how seriously painful, uncomfortable, and debilitating they can be.  When your future security rests in the hands of seven such people on a jury, your lawyer needs to understand how to tell your particular story in the most realistic and respectful way possible.   Put simply, it takes a skilled trial lawyer with experience proving the cause and effect of traumatic brain injuries just to prevent the misimpression that a brain injury is a minor inconvenience.

Whether our client is diagnosed with a severe or a “mild” TBI, we know that any brain injury is truly a serious and life-altering injury, particularly where the symptoms do not go away and get worse.  It is our mission to illustrate those devastating effects in a way that is both truthful and compelling, with the goal to bring our injured client the financial security needed for rehabilitation and peace.

The bottom line is that even mild TBI’s can wreak havoc on your ability to function in your relationships with family, coworkers, and yourself.  People suffering TBI’s feel like they are no longer the same person, and that they have no power to restore themselves.  They often feel alone.

As a result, we focus on the particular and detailed ways in which a TBI interrupts a client’s life every single day, such as:

  • Cognitive dysfunction (changes to the ability to think, make decisions, sort and organize, find words, perform previous simple and complex tasks, etc.)
  • Vision changes and light sensitivity (photophobia)
  • Effects on speech and communication
  • Loss of facial movement (paresthesia)
  • Memory loss / amnesia
  • Weakness and exhaustion / sleepiness
  • Losses of consciousness
  • Feelings of disorientation, dizziness / vertigo, confusion or “brain fog”
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Persistent or severe headaches
  • Mild to extreme changes in personality and mood swings
  • Body numbness, tingling or loss of control of bowels
  • Resulting anxiety, isolation, and depression


At Munro Byrd, P.C., we are a trusted partner — always available, always listening.  Our clients need to focus all of their energy and time on healing.  So we take on the burden to win financial security for them.  We develop the strongest evidence of your brain injury.  It is our commitment to keep you up to date, answer your questions, work with your doctors and therapists to understand your unique experience, and pursue the maximum financial compensation available to help you restore your life as effectively as possible.

Our injured clients know we are always there for them, working hard for their recovery.

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