Automotive and Tractor Trailer Collisions

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The phrase “car accident” is not accurate. They are crashes. Violent collisions of steel, plastic—and people. All crashes inject sudden and extreme forces into our bodies, which are not designed for that. Even a low-speed collision has bad consequences, whether it is lingering neck pain caused by the tearing or bruising of muscles and tendons, or eventual symptoms of what doctors now understand as traumatic brain injury, like headaches, brain fog, or vision problems. And despite all of the safety mechanisms in modern vehicles, the more severe collisions are frequently catastrophic, causing permanent injuries or death.

When a car or tractor trailer driver crashes into you, it interrupts your life, work, and function. They assume that their auto insurance company will go “make it right.” And they get to move on, down the road. But you do not. What a crash leaves behind is not just wreckage, but altered life. The law says that a negligent driver now owes you a debt to restore that life—but in reality, it is often a debt you, and your family, have to live with unless you hire the right lawyer to present the strongest evidence to compel payment of money that fairly compensates you for your losses. A good lawyer frees you up to put your energy into healing your body, and rebuilding your life.

Please note: Hiring a lawyer is an important decision—you only get one shot to present your injury claim the right way. Many firms that claim to “care” about their clients in commercials have no idea who those clients are. Their business thrives on thousands of low-value settlements, not personal attention. Being an effective advocate requires taking time, and often—trying cases. The right lawyer does hard work to prepare all of the evidence supporting your claim, and does not stop litigating until you have full compensation for the debt owed to you. But you also need a lawyer who answers your calls, and explains every step.

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