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If you or a family member have been injured by negligent medical care, you need a courageous lawyer you can trust to manage the complex tasks of proving malpractice.  The best malpractice lawyers work hard to personally read and understand the medical records, and to learn the related medical science so that they can present the complicated evidence in a simple way to the judge or jury.  

Medical malpractice cases are among the most challenging types of litigation. They carry a higher risk than traditional injury cases, because they cost more, have stricter burdens of proof and evidentiary rules, and involve complex disputes among medical experts about standards of care and causation. Preparing and trying these cases requires uncommon dedication, resources, and intelligence—as well as a trial lawyer who enjoys learning all about the medical science underlying the case. While malpractice often results in catastrophic injuries or death that justify significant damages in court, many lawyers will not pursue these cases because they frequently require long and expensive trials against large defense teams, demanding a more compelling presentation to convince a jury.

At Munro Byrd, P.C., we have been trying medical malpractice cases for over 20 years. We know how to simplify the complex. We have achieved large malpractice verdicts and settlements, with both judges and juries. And we understand that malpractice cases require courage, vision, and care if they are going to be successful.

We are very selective about the cases we will take. The resource commitment is significant, and proving these cases requires convincing evidence, including the testimony of expert physicians.

To learn more and determine whether you have such a case, contact us. The evaluation process takes time, so we recommend you contact us as soon as possible after a bad medical event. We will be happy to speak with you about your case free of charge and evaluate the facts, explain the unique process and standards of medical malpractice, and discuss our expertise.

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