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Your business and employment are the engine that keep your life running. You work hard to develop a strong reputation, advance corporate goals and personal dreams, and earn income fundamental to your and your family’s security. When a dispute threatens those things, it is sometimes terrifying, sometimes infuriating.

Business or employment disputes can escalate quickly, and become expensive. You do not want a dispute about the past to ruin your future. As a result, you need a lawyer with vision. Someone who has the courage and skill to try complex business cases when you are forced to litigate, but who understands that the real goal is to solve problems efficiently. To get you back on track, and preferably, without a large bill. 

At Munro Byrd, P.C., we ask the right questions about your business or employment dispute. We want to understand the personalities driving the problem, and the dynamics that will create leverage to solve them. We thrive on creative negotiationand effective communication. We help productive people preserve their hard-earned opportunities and assets. We assist individuals and businesses in disputes relating to contract issues, trade secrets, business torts such as fraud and conspiracy, and noncompetition agreements. If you are dealing with the stress of such a dispute—or are hoping to avoid that stress—let’s talk, and design a strategy that works.

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